"Safe Driver" is an individual staff from the organization's staff utilized to drive the clients to their ideal locations in their own vehicle.

The private driver obligation is restricted to driving the client to the location specified at the essence of this receipt/contract utilizing their own vehicle.

The organization accepts no responsibility for fire, theft, damage of any personal belongings or misfortunes in any case. In no occasion will it assume liability for harm injury due to broken brakes or unfortunate state of vehicle or its part.

The client agreed to takes care of the vehicle is covered by insurance.

If there should be an occurrence of any mishaps or accidents, the organization's liabilities are limited to those stated the vehicle insurance contract according to the motor vehicle policy of the UAE.

Organization's Maximum liability will be limited to the refund of fare.

The private driver has the right to stop the vehicle and end the service once assuming the client abuses him in any capacity that could imperil the existence of both the client and the Safe Driver.

In the event of vehicle breakdown during the trip or in transit to client location, the Designated Driver will attempt to make elective plans at the Company's prudence. Discount may not be made for the uncompleted part.

The organization doesn't take on obligation and responsibility for missed appointments because of traffic congestions and or vehicular breakdown or potentially unfavorable weather conditions.

The Company won't be liable for defects to a Customer Vehicle, which render the vehicle unusable where the same is proved and to the degree that is ended up being brought about by the Company's ignorance.

The Company reserves all authority to change costs if it pulls out of its destination to do as such. A charge will be payable by the Customer if the Customer drops or change a booking inside under 1 hour of the booking time.

The Customer agrees that to ensure the two his/her and the personal driver's safety on route, he/she won't cause any interruption while the service is in the progress

The acknowledgment of the assistance establish affirmation by Customer that they have read and agreed to the contract

Assuming that Customer got any fine or mishap/accident at the hour of our service, report to us as soon as feasible, however at least in no less than 7 days of dropping off the vehicle. You can send email to "info@pleasantdrive.ae". If client misleading to report with 7 days after the occurrence, we acknowledge no liability regarding and will not be obligated in regard of any misfortune, harm, adjustments, delays, including criminal traffic offense.